Lead Product Designer

I am an accomplished product designer with a long track record in innovating, prototyping, and refining SaaS products for optimized usability. I am proficient in identifying and addressing UX challenges to deliver solutions that drive business growth.

Career Highlights

CRM Base Camp Redesign

Updating this design was one of the first road map items that would leverage the underlying code base that was being explored during the design-thinking journey for the new Sales Team application. Ideas from Users, Support, Success, Sales, Product, Development, and C-Suite were considered to make for a better experience that’s be more flexible and scalable for larger client community portfolios.

Strategy, UX Research, UI Design, Prototyping

This high-fidelity prototype demonstrated how sales team could review goals and then collapse it to focus on interacting with prospects.

Training Live Event Manager

Our product team was tasked to significantly improve the current scheduling application to better accommodate needs of training staff within medical organizations. After interviewing several staff members that need to schedule training courses it was evident that they were still heavily reliant on spreadsheets, print outs, and other means to manage rooms and resources.

Strategy, UX Research, UI Design, Prototyping

This medium-fidelity prototype enabled product and development to better visualize scope and scalability of work.

Clinical to Hospital Workflows

Two years after the pilot program launched, Medhost wanted to improve its cloud-based product to enable clinical customers to set up appointments and referrals to hospitals. Our product team traveled to several rural towns to meet and observe first-hand our customers at clinics and hospitals to provide a better way to improve successful outcomes through incremental changes.

UX Research, UI Design, Prototyping

Interactive workflows included conditional paths and provided Jira ticket info and links that made sprint planning more efficient.

Design Examples by Type

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Worked With

Hewlett Packard
Mrs Fields Cookies

About Rick

Is Design a Team Sport?

I have to double down on this. Every aspect of a product is a team sport. Cross-functional contributions throughout the entire product lifecycle, during every sprint are vital to a successful product.

As a lead product designer, it’s my responsibility to curate the best ideas while at the same time to focus on solving the problem. I am at the table to help everyone reach right answers — to gravitate to wise decisions — and not for me to be the smartest or most creative person there.

Some great ideas don’t make the cut and that’s okay because the best experience is optimizing the design around business requirements, user needs, and technical constraints. “Trust, but validate” is my motto.

Coach Wooden and Me

I was a winner of a John Wooden Basketball Camp Special Award in my youth. You may have seen a version hanging in Ted Lasso’s office.

“Be quick but don’t hurry.” ~ John Wooden

“Measure twice. Cut once. Sand iteratively.” ~ Me

Poor Richard UX Almanack Series

People are curious to know if I’m related to Benjamin Franklin and with certainty I’d say I wasn’t. Recently, I learned that I am indeed related to him, ironically, on my mom’s side.

I gain UX insights from all aspects of life including history, the arts, humor, parenting that help me weather the storms that roll in during the creative process.