Explore ways to elevate the experience on the Sherpa CRM Base Camp dashboard

Updating this design was one of the first road map items that would leverage the underlying code base that was being explored during the design-thinking journey for the new Sales Team application.

Ideas from Users, Support, Success, Sales, Product, Development, and C-Suite were considered to make for a better experience that’s be more flexible and scalable for larger client community portfolios.

My Role

Lead Product Designer


Sr. Director of Product Manager


Chief Executive Officer

Chief Customer Experience Officer

This high-fidelity prototype demonstrated how sales team could review goals and then collapse it to focus on interacting with prospects.

UX Audit


Strengthen visual hierarchy on the screen

Simplify navigation and global utilities

Provide relevant info and actions on Top Ten list


Improve Team Progress data visualization

Introduce batch functionality on activities

Increase eye scannability of activity section items

UI Redesign Overview

Navigation Bar

Unify overall design

Simplify navigation and global utilities

Simplify account menu and enhance permissions and roles for scalability

Introduce badge dots on main menu to alert users of updated content


Increase sales teams insights for goals and occupancy health

Introduce three views allow increased work day focus on activities and watchlists

Strengthen branding Sherpa branding with “mountain” visualization

Introduce animation so that users can flip between percentage and X of Y on The Selling Zone and Occupancy

Activities Section

Introduce toggle pattern to switch between personal and team activities, and between list and calendar views

Enable users the ability to make bulk actions on several activities

Introduce arrow icons helping users know if prospect is moving toward or away from taking action

Replace generic person icon to prospect initials as default avatar

Top Ten Watchlist

Highlight how many days since last contact, last activity and what the next step is

Introduce icons to alert users that too much time has elapsed with any contact and new activity should be scheduled

Introduce functionality to expand items to show additional information to enable users to do more from Base Camp

Design Deconstructed


Base Camp redesign was deprioritized in favor of simplifying the primary workflow within the CRM. Several months later it was announced that the company was merged with two other senior living CRM companies, and the executive team decided to move forward with one of the other CRM products.